Delisha Thomas, owner, is a Registered Nurse of 12 years as well as a Certified Microblading Technician. She had a vision with Microblading, prayed upon it and it came to fruition. She believes the power of prayer can move mountains.  As a nurse, she is an inspiration not only to her patients but to fellow nurses encouraging them to step outside the box and follow their dreams. She is able to bring this level of inspiration to her Microblading clients by giving them a new virtuous look!

While always thinking outside the box she continues to be a go-getter as well as a self-motivator. She lives by “If I believe it, I can achieve it." The journey doesn't stop here.



Come book your appointment to achieve a vibrant new look by friend and owner of Dee’s Browtique, 
Delisha Thomas RN.


"Never let a stumble be the end of your journey"